Moving away from exciting rumours, the PlayStation Vita scene received something tangible, in the form of two kernel plugins, which can be used right here and now. These two overclocking-related kernel plugins, by Team CBPS member teakhanirons, are called LOLITA500 and LOLITA444 and they aim to make overclocking much the PSVita and PSTV much easier.
LOLITA500 allows you to fully unleash your PSVita’s power provided you don’t care too much about battery life

Thanks to these plugins, one needn’t mess around with the menus found in current overclocking solutions like LOLIcon and PSV VSH Menu which not only make the overclocking process take longer but don’t always play nice with certain games and homebrew. As per the release post, the LOLITA plugins come with the following features:

  • A system-wide overclock to 444MHz (LOLITA444) or 500MHz (LOLITA500) meaning that the higher clocks are also present in the web browser, LiveArea and all games/homebrew you use
    • This is always on as the plugins have no menu system

  • Less complex than full overclocking plugins which have a menu meaning that compatibility issues with Adrenaline and other software are fixed
  • The higher clock speeds are hooked meaning that even if games try to set the clock themselves, the clock speeds will stay maxed out
  • Power limits are disabled so you can have full brightness and enabled Wi-Fi all the time

It must be noted that having a 444/500MHz overclock all the time on your PSVita will lead to higher battery temperatures thus potentially increasing the rate of your battery’s degradation. As a result, it’s recommended not to use these plugins continuously for hours with everything maxed out if you’re using a PSVita. On the other hand, if you’re a PSTV user, it’s probable that your console will be just fine even if you run LOLITA500 provided your console has adequate ventilation.
To grab the plugins, follow this link and put the SKPRX’s path in the *KERNEL section of your taiHEN config.txt