First off, we have an update to CMFileManager PSP which is a homebrew utility by Joel16 still getting updates every couple of months.
If you’re still using a PSP, then CMFileManager PSP is probably the best homebrew to use for any sort of file management!

As its name suggests, it’s a file manager themed around CyanogenMod (Lineage OS today) giving a similar appearance to other homebrew utilities by the same developer such as NX-Shell and 3DShell. Among its many features, we find basic file management operations, an image viewer, an audio player and an FTP server together with various others such as an EBOOT loader and Dark Mode.
Yesterday, version 3.20 of CMFileManager PSP was released and this includes:

  • An improved EBOOT launcher menu which lets you dump ICON0 and PIC0 data
  • A change to the configuration system as it now uses JSON parsing with a ‘config.json’ file
  • An access toggle has been added to guard dangerous partitions such as flash0-flash3 and disc0
  • The drivers (audio_driver.prx/display_driver.prx) that come bundled with the utility have been cleaned up
  • Some minor fixes and under-the-hood changes which improve performance and code consistency

To grab CMFileManager PSP 3.20 and install it on your PSP, you may download it from this link. From my testing, CMFileManager PSP 3.20 doesn’t work on Adrenaline 6.9 (PSVita)!