Moving on to another homebrew update, we have CSPSP 1.94 which was released this July and is the oldest item in this article.
Even though itís old, CSPSP still has some dedicated fans which update it from time to time so that Singleplayer Mode becomes more fun!

CSPSP, or Counter Strike PSP, is a Counter Strike Remake thatís been around for many years and has seen sporadic development in the last few years by some dedicated fans. This continued development has seen the addition of PSVita support, 3DS cross-play and numerous changes/improvements.
The most recent update, by MasterMen, is numbered 1.94 (with 1.93 being released shortly before it) and it brings along:

  • Changes to many weapon textures including the MP4, M4A1 and Knife
  • Together with version 1.93, 4 new maps
  • A button to reset settings in Singleplayer
  • The ability to change the amount of bots present in the map (1.93)
  • Addition of some new soundtracks
  • Some bug fixes and minor improvements to further improve the game for those who want to keep on playing it in Singleplayer Mode

To read more about CSPSP 1.94 and download it for your console, follow this link to its Wololo /talk thread.