Moving onto fully-fledged releases, we first have a port of ‘Legend Of The Sword And Fairy’ by OPL3ChipFan. Like the PSVita homebrew port by usineur, it makes use of SDLPAL and it was released this July with the most recent update made public on November 1st. This title, which has an English translation, was already ported to the PSP in 2010 but this port uses the improved SDLPAL 2.0 engine which provides a better experience. When it comes to the plot, this well-received game revolves around Li Xiaoyao who’s looking for a cure for his sick aunt and ends up falling in love with a maiden along the way.
To grab this improved Legend Of The Sword And Fairy port for your PSP, follow this link. The port is also compatible with the PSVita but you should probably use the native port linked above for that.

Last but not least, the last few months have also seen a small group of Russian developers passionate about the PSP remake S.T.A.L.K.E.R for the console.
Ever since its release, the PSP has always been a platform that developers like pushing the boundaries of and S.T.A.L.K.E.R Portable certainly fits the bill! (image from GBATemp Thread)

This group, who goes by the name QTeam, is using a highly modified version of the Quake engine together with Half Life 1 conversions of S.T.A.L.K.E.R models in order to create S.T.A.L.K.E.R Portable. As of right now, the game is at the following stage:

  • It includes detailed environments and models with maps that are being recreated in lowpoly mode
    • Currently, the team is working on map optimisations to make the game run better on real PSP hardware

  • You can interact with NPCs
  • It has a working inventory system and map
  • Performance on the PSP won’t win any awards but numerous optimisations to the underlying ADQuake engine have been made to make the game playable
  • Working Ambient music
  • Working Medkits
  • The ability to drive cars and do much more
  • The last development update was early this month signalling that development is still on-going

To read about this ambitious project and download the Alpha build, check out its page on ModDB. Its thread on GBATemp is also worth reading since it includes many videos and information not on the ModDB page. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to work on Adrenaline (PSVita)