As we all know, the Blu-Ray drives on the PlayStation 3 and 4 have mostly been left to themselves and interest in hacking their firmware was low but that didnít stop Oct0xor, a security researcher at Kaspersky and PS3/PS4 homebrew developer, from doing some digging of his own.
Hacking the Blu-Ray drive on the PlayStation 3 and 4 might soon be possible but forget about piracy for the time being!

According to a recent tweet, he has been done some substantial work on hacking the Blu-Ray drives of the PlayStation 3 and 4 and this includes:

  • Dumping the firmware
  • Finding out how it works through reverse engineering
  • Getting Code Execution

Furthermore, the tweet also states that heíll be holding a talk at 36C3 about his work meaning that some information and potentially even some form of hack will be become available after it. Similar to previous years, the Chaos Communication Congress, which hosted Team Molecule (PSVita) and numerous others last year, will be held in late December (27-30) in Germany so the talk will be held a few days before the year is over.
To view the full arsenal of talks thatíll be held (and streamed for public viewing) at 36C3, follow this link. Oct0xorís talk is titled ĎHacking Sony PlayStation Blu-Ray Drivesí.