Moving over to a game release, this time around we have Super Crate Mod which is an enhanced port of Super Crate Box, a game that was officially ported to the PSVita in 2012.
While Super Crate Boy has pretty simple gameplay mechanics, itís not that easy to play and can keep you hooked for a while! (Screenshot from Super Crate Mod on my PSVita)

Super Crate Box, by Vlambeer, is a free 2D game with pixel-style graphics in which enemies continually spawn from the top of the map and you must kill them using an assortment of different guns which can be obtained from crates that spawn at random places in the map. Other than that, it also contains various unlockables such as maps and weapons so that it provides a sense of progression.
Switching focus to Super Crate Mod, its author has made the following changes compared to the official port which generated the ideal game for him:

  • The game runs at 60FPS instead of 50FPS
  • No more letter-boxing as the game runs at 16:9 (widescreen) rather than 4:3
  • The Unused Challenge Mode and Napalm Launcher weapon have been restored
  • Some features from the iOS version including the Vlambeer character and some modifications to the main menu
  • The tutorial has been made optional and itís been moved to the Level Select screen
  • A memory leak was fixed
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes which can be viewed in the Reddit thread below
  • From a short period of testing on my console, I can confirm that Super Crate Mod works extremely well and exhibited no obvious issues whatsoever

To learn more about Super Crate Mod and download its VPK, follow this link to its Reddit Thread. The game is also available on VitaDB but it crashed VHBB when I tried downloading it on my own device.