GeForce Now users will no longer be able to play their Activision Blizzard titles through Nvidia's newly-launched streaming service.
Emerging out of beta last week, GeForce Now enables players to stream games they have purchased through digital stores, allowing them to enjoy titles that may not run on their own hardware.
However, support for all Activision Blizzard titles -- including World of Warcraft, Overwatch and the Call of Duty series -- has been removed. Nvidia explained the change on its forums, emphasising that this was the publisher's decision, but was unable to give a reason.
"As we take GeForce Now to the next step in its evolution, we've worked with publishers to onboard a robust catalog of your PC games," community manager Cory Banks wrote. "This means continually adding new games, and on occasion, having to remove games - similar to other digital service providers.