An English translation of the classic dungeon crawler Sorcery Saga Ⅰ (Madou Monogatari Ⅰ) for the Sega Mega Drive has been released!
Itís the day of the graduation exam at Magic Kindergarten, but only one person has qualified to take it: the promising mage but uninspiring student Arle Nadja, who fluked into passing the preliminary by choosing random answers. Now, Arle finds herself unexpectedly facing the schoolís terrifying final exam: to escape from the massive, monster-infested Magic Tower in the playground. Will Arle make it out? And more importantly, can she earn enough points to pass her exam and graduate from kindergarten?
Sorcery Saga Ⅰ for the Mega Drive is a 1996 dungeon crawler by Compile. Itís nominally a remake of the first episode of the Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 trilogy, originally released for the MSX2 home computer in 1990, but aside from the basic story premise and a few gameplay concepts, itís essentially a completely new game. Turn-based combat has been scrapped in favor of a fighting gameĖinspired action battle system, the dungeon layouts are completely different, and a new system for catching and battling with monsters plays a prominent role. It also holds the distinction of being the very last game officially released for the Mega Drive in Japan.
This patch was the work of TheMajinZenki (translation), Supper (hacking), cccmar (editing and testing), filler (original script dump), Xanathis (testing), and Oddoai-sama (testing). Itís the culmination of a series of translations of the Sorcery Saga series done mostly by the same group, with previous releases including Sorcery Saga Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and A for the Game Gear.
In a separate but related release, the group has collaborated with scanslator Novyal to produce a complete scanslation of the manual for Sorcery Saga Ⅲ, which is now bundled with the patch for that game. It can also be viewed on the patchís web site:
Additionally, a small unofficial patch for the 2010 English translation of the Game Gear version of Sorcery Saga Ⅰ has been released to fix hardware compatibility issues that prevented it from working properly when run on an actual Game Gear.
This will be the final release in this series of Sorcery Saga translations. The authors are grateful to everyone whoís played the translations, and hope this project has brought a little light to a woefully underrecognized series. Enjoy!