RocketRobz released TWiLight Menu++ 13.0.0 for the 3DS which comes with more AP fixes among other things.

Check here on how to update TWiLight Menu++.
Includes nds-bootstrap v0.32.0, and a new GBARunner2 build (for DS, DSi, and 3DS)!
What's new?

  • TWL (DSi-Enhanced) cartridges now boot (but only in DS mode for now)!
  • If there's an existing soft-reset parameter file on the SD card, when launching TWiLight Menu++, the last-launched DS(i) game will boot with the existing parameters.
  • Early (but not all) SDK2 games, as well as a few SDK3-4 games, will now no longer show the heap shrink option!
  • The DS Classic Menu now indicates you can press B to go back to the ROM menu.
  • (RetroGameFan) Fixed AP-fix files for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.
  • Added AP-fix for:
    -Megaman Battle Network: Operate Star Force (ENG)
    -Nora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo (CHN)
    -Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary (ENG)
  • (gamemasterplc) Added widescreen support for B-17 - Fortress in the Sky (USA).
  • Added Chinese and Korean per-game language options.
  • User settings are now read from TWLCFG, if found!
  • Added other languages for the DSi splash screen, as well as the iQue DSi splash screen for the Chinese language!
    DS mode flashcard users will still show the regular DSi splash.
  • 3DS/2DS console is now found by checking the NAND, instead of the Nintendo 3DS folder on the SD card.
  • (@R-YaTian) DS Classic Menu: CHN and KOR Pictochat and DLP are now copied from NAND.
  • Fixed CHN and KOR Pictochat and DLP showing error.
  • If you are using DSiWarehax (e.g. sudokuhax, Memory Pit, etc.) to run TWiLight Menu++ and nds-bootstrap, you can now set what DSiWare exploit you're using, alongside the region, in TWLMenu++ Settings.
    This allows nds-bootstrap to soft-reset, or exit out, when using DSiWarehax.
  • Added nds-bootstrap options Expand ROM space in RAM and Cache block size, to Games/Apps settings page.
    NOTE: For Expand ROM space in RAM, the +512KB option will break Download Play functionality, even for games that don't use cloneboot.
  • Added option in the GBARunner2 settings page, to simulate GBA colors.
  • When running on CycloDSi iEvolution in DSi mode, the console will now reboot, if FAT init gets stuck in a loop.

Bug fixes

  • If the DS(i) ROM banner text isn't found for the user-set language, it'll now fall back to the previous one from the user's, and further, if that isn't found.
    Fixes banner display for Minna no Mahjong DS, for non-Japanese users.
  • DS Classic Menu: Fixed Pictochat and DLP not being copied from the NAND at all.
  • DS Classic Menu: Fixed DLPlay copy from NAND, overwriting Pictochat on SD.
  • Attempted to fix IR breaking after accessing DS Classic Menu. (Not tested!)

Known bug

  • The Gen 5 Pokemon games as cartridges crash when selecting either Yes or No for C-Gear communications. (Reported by JosephNeale)


  • The Nintendo DS Browser now doesn't work from cartridge.