As explained in the original article about froid_sanís Catherine: Full Body English patch, this 2019 game didnít receive an English translation for the PlayStation Vita as the console did pretty badly in the West. However, froid_san rose up to the challenge and created an English translation patch by transcribing text from videos and his own gameplay which managed to make the game playable for those who donít understand Japanese although some parts were not translated. This patch was met with great fanfare back in February when it was released but now, froid_san has released a significant update to it thanks to the PlayStation 4 assets of the game being handed over to him by an anonymous scene member.
For those that donít speak Japanese, froid_sanís English & Spanish translations let you play the latest installment in the popular Catherine series! (Image from a )

Thanks to this development, froid_san has released two Catherine: Full Body patches namely:

  • An English patch, with version number 1.0, that comes with:
    • All images, story text, animated FMVs, NPC, event and puzzle dialogue, quotes, menus, cellphone messages & replies, text in the movies/awards menus, confessional questions and text in other game modes being translated to English
    • A translation for around 98% of the multiplayer component
    • An English or Japanese dub (voices)

  • A Spanish patch, with version number 0.95, was also released which includes a translation for:
    • All story text
    • All NPC, event and puzzle dialogue
    • 99% of FMVs
    • All quotes, cellphone messages and confessional questions
    • NPCs in the Lounge and Landings
    • An English dub
    • Some English may still appear in the menu due to EBOOT issues

  • Froid_san also notes that some minor stuff wasnít translated which includes:
    • Trophies as translating these would increase your chance of getting banned
    • The digital game manual, LiveArea bubble title and bits relating to it
    • Persona 5 Babel ending DLC in the Spanish version

You may grab Catherine: Full Bodyís English and Spanish patches by following this link. Installation instructions are also available there.