News surrounding recent developments about Nintendo 64 emulation on the PlayStation Vita started dropping on Friday when Rinnegatamante tweeted out that he’d been able to boot Super Mario 64 on the Vita thanks to initial DaedalusX64 porting work by scene veteran Xerpi. This tweet showed a pretty horrendous Mario face being rendered but less than 5 hours later, a good deal of progress was done on the video rendering side which resulted in Mario’s face being displayed properly and Zelda OOT’s intro looking somewhat well.

Moving forward around 24 hours, Rinnegatamante went on to state that Super Mario 64’s main menu was able to run at full-speed, without any glitches and with perfect audio thanks to implementing synchronous audio code that’s much more efficient than that found in the PSP version. Later on, it was also revealed that MasterFeizz managed to get DaedalusX64 running on the New 3DS with some pretty promising results in Super Mario 64 and was able to find PSP-only code that was glitching the vitaGL renderer thus greatly improving graphics rendering.