Newly released for the Pandora Console

THE PIXEL HAS YOU - DISK1 -A Daniele Spadoni ProductionPixel Artist - Davide Spadoni :Virus C9 has deleted the protagonists and antagonists the dimensions 87, 88 , and 90.Phoenix must recover the codes of all dimensions in order to allow Lucas to make an antivirus.F7 - Restore gameF5 - Save gameF9 - Quit game-----------------------------------------------The following game is a NON PROFIT Fan Game producer for entertainment purpose only.All Characters, all related marks, logos and associated names and reference are copyright and trademark of their respective holders. This Fan Production is not open to commercial ADS. It is not intended for sales of any sort. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. The content of this Fan Game could not be sold, rented or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape or form. There is no financial gain made from it.-------------------------------This game is created with AGS (Adventure Game Studio), and is packaged with AGS recompiled for Pandora.

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