A new console generation year is always an exciting time, even if the fundamentals of them rarely change.
Which console has the best price? Which one is the most powerful? Which one has the best exclusives? Those are the typical deciding factors. And if you read many analysts of the upcoming showdown between Xbox Series X and PS5, the conversation has largely been the same.
This time things are a bit more interesting, though, because beneath the surface there is a significant difference in the objectives of the two big competitors. For Sony, it's similar to the past 25 years, with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan telling us last year how he wants to upgrade people from PS4 to PS5 as quickly as possible. For Xbox, the platform is less the new console, and more the Game Pass subscription service. It wants to grow its existing user base of ten million subscribers by making its exclusive games available on PC, Xbox One, Series X and its xCloud streaming service. That's why Microsoft has said that its slate of games for its next console -- for the first year at least -- will also work on the current machine.