Newly released for the Pandora Console

A game for the LowRezJam.Explore the hidden labyrinth beneath your desktop and find the mystical crown, but beware... you might not be alone!The orginal 64x64 version of this game is impossible to play on the small pandora screen hence it is completely changed.Find the crown, avoid the Minotaur and head back to the stairs. Use the nubs or the touchscreen to look around the map.Double tapping in any direction makes you run for a short time.On each further map new enemies are added.There are two game modes, the small 1000x1000 map focuses on avoiding the enemies, the 2000x2000 is big enough to give a challenging maze to solve.Credits:Concept and Design: pmprog and Elw3Code: Elw3Graphics: pmprogMusic and SoundFX: FBnil

Download Here