Previously, AYA-NEO, the company behind the AMD-based handheld gaming PC, teased that it would make an announcement on November 7th. This announcement was geared towards the local Chinese market, opening, for a limited time, the availability of the device for that audience. More specifically, it was the Founder Edition that launched, which might differ from the consumer and international version in that it does not have detachable controllers; although we have yet to see the mass model's features. A new video was released for the occasion, giving us a closer look at the FE consumer model which details features such as the clear shell and the additional hardware buttons to call up a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen, control the RGB effects and more:

You can find additional spec details for the AYA-NEO from their official website linked below. The device is also slated to make its first public appearance at the WePlay gaming exhibition which takes place in Shanghai from November 14th to 15th.

AYA-NEO Official Website