x360ce v4.16.8.0 is released. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (a wrapper library that translates the xinput calls to directinput calls) which allows your controller (GamePad, Joystick, Wheel, ...) to function like an Xbox 360 controller on a Windows PC. For example it allows you to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game with Logitech wheel.

x360ce v4.16.8.0 Changelog:
Fix: Controller image scaling issue.
Fix: Crash when User Device list updating.
Fix: Issue detector sometimes do not start after app starts.
Fix: Issue detector was reporting missing HID Guardian when not needed.
Fix: Interface freezing during error report.
Fix: HID Guardian was not always applying settings.
Fix: Do not request XInput states when program is minimized to save CPU resources.
Update: Configure Hid Guardian Automatically option is set to OFF by default now.
Update: Application no longer requires elevated privileges when starting.
Update: Make missing HID Guardian a moderate (optional) issue, which won't prevent UI to load.
Update: Redirect HID Guardian [Install] issue button to dedicated install form.
Update: Information on [Help] tab updated.
New: Add HID Guardian warnings and manual uninstall instructions to [HID Guardian] tab.