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Thread: The Sega Saturn Port of Vandal Hearts Translated Into English

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    Default The Sega Saturn Port of Vandal Hearts Translated Into English

    Another Sega Saturn translation is presented for everyone’s enjoyment thanks to the work of paul_met and Pennywise with the help of some talented translators in TheMajinZenki, CrawdKenny, aishsha and filler.
    However this is not a new translation of the game. Rather the original PS1 script has been ported over and various sections of the script have been reviewed by the above translators. The script then underwent edits to bring it closer back to the source text.
    The Saturn version of the game has additional maps, musical compositions, items and spells. In addition, some graphical effects have been improved over the PS1 version.
    Now Sega Saturn fans can play an improved translation of the game in English.

    Relevant Link ( - Translations - Vandal Hearts

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