Microsoft’s budget-focused next-gen machine Xbox Series S is a fantastic piece of kit as an entry point into the next seven years of console gaming, but it turns out the cute little box is also extremely good for emulation.

The fantastic emulation/console security YouTuber MVG (Modern Vintage Gamer) recently released a video covering the emulation possibilities of the new Microsoft machine for gamers who have access to the console’s Dev Mode.

Dev Mode on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X is the same as that available on Xbox One. For a small cost of $20, Microsoft will allow you to access a developer environment to install homebrew software on the system.

With everything set up properly, Xbox Series S and X players can install the amazing emulation suite Retroarch and play games from most consoles you could ever care about: GameCube, Dreamcast (hell, yeah!), PSP, Nintendo Wii, PS1 and more.

While there are some stutters and compatibility issues with certain games, MVG notes that the performance on most compatible titles is incredible, knocking out the Nvidia Shield TV as the best emulation box currently on the market.