Fans have been eager to see more of Kate Bishop in action ever since Marvel's Avengers first teased the newest addition to the roster, and at the most recent War Table we got our wish, as we saw her impressive ability set and a bit of the story additions she will launch with. Today we got an even better look and more in-depth footage of her abilities on a Crystal Dynamics community team stream with War Zone Director Phil Therien and Senior Narrative Designer Nicole Martinez, and you can check out the full stream in the video above. We also got a rundown of what will be coming with the Kate Bishop - Taking AIM Operation content, which isn't going to have everything originally planned due to some additional polish needed.

We saw the skill tree, which included her Support Heroic Decoy. The base version spawns a drone that shoots quantum arrows, though you can unlock new skills that enhance it further. Afterimage lets you swap places with the decoy, while Self Destruct pairs well with Afterimage, as you can teleport the drone and then have it detonate, hurting enemies around it.

Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Kate Bishop Gameplay and Operation Details (