Who’s ready for a look at the slick coaster trains loaded and ready to rock on the Jurassic World VelociCoaster? Universal has released a fantastic little video teaser of the trains, complete with some cool lighting on the front car and head-rests that you can see below. Below that the ECC Twitter has posted a small collection of still photos of the trains set up in one of the launch tunnels that will allow you to gaze at them in anticipation.
The detail here is just very slick and cool, and be sure to note the impressive claw gash across the front left of the train’s lead car that has also removed a little bit of the lighted grill. As I said… very nice detail on this thing! Now let us just hope that Universal and Intamin were able to work together to make these trains accommodating for the most number of riders possible. I know the cars Intamin made for Gringotts have terrible restraints that are overly restrictive for those with long legs and those with plus-sized middle sections, but then I also found the restraints on Hagrid’s to be much more comfortable and accommodating to riders of size.
FIRST LOOK: Here's what you'll be riding when you join the hunt on the Jurassic World #VelociCoaster, opening 2021. pic.twitter.com/2AfKiVcQ6I
— Universal Orlando Resort (@UniversalORL) December 4, 2020

More pictures from the shiny Intamin train of "Velocicoaster" at @UniversalORL #Rollercoasters #Intamin #Universalstudiosorlando pic.twitter.com/mneQx1TC1M
— EuropeanCoasterClub (@coasterclub) December 4, 2020