Mobile games were the top category for growth on app stores this year, App Annie reported.

In its latest report, looking back at the mobile market for 2020, the analytics company highlighted that for every dollar spent on iOS and Google Play, $0.71 were for games this year. Gross consumer spend reached $112 billion on mobile in 2020, $81 billion of which came from games.

They represented 40% of mobile app downloads across Google Play and App Store this year, that is to say 53 billion downloads were games out of 130 billion overall.

Looking at the breakdown of that figure between the two stores, 45% of all Google Play downloads were games (an increase compared to last year's 40%), representing 42 billion downloads out of a total of 94 billion. On iOS, games were only 30% of all iOS downloads, that being 11 billion game downloads out of 36 billion total. The figure was the same in 2019.