CD Projekt Red has released some launch day statistics for Cyberpunk 2077, reporting the game reached eight million pre-orders.

The figures were revealed by a series of tweets from the Polish developer's investor relations Twitter account.

As could be expected during the year of a pandemic, the vast majority of these pre-orders -- 74%, according to the studio -- were for digital versions, accounting for around 5.9 million units.

This has partly been driven by how strong interest was on PC, which accounted for 59% of all pre-orders.

That puts the number of PC players with a copy of Cyberpunk ready to go at launch at 4.72 million -- smashing the record for fastest-selling PC game set by World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion just last week.

Factor in any additional purchases today, and Cyberpunk 2077 is certain to leave Shadowlands' 3.7 million day one sales far behind.