A year dominated by a global pandemic has seen five mobile games break $1 billion in revenues so far, according to Sensor Tower.
In a post on its blog, the mobile data firm said Tencent scored the two biggest hits of the year with PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, which have brought in $2.6 billion and $2.5 billion so far this year, respectively.
(Those numbers do not include revenue from third-party Android stores in China or other regions, but the PUBG figure does include revenues from its Chinese localization Game for Peace.)
The PUBG Mobile number represents a 64.3% jump year-over-year, while Honor of Kings is up 42.8%.
There was a considerable gap between the top two performers and the next best-performing mobile game of the year, Pokémon Go. Ninantic's adaptation of the monster collecting title has brought in $1.2 billion year-to-date, up 31.5% year-over-year.

Five mobile games topped $1b in revenue this year - Sensor Tower | GamesIndustry.biz