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Thread: SMK Mirror Mode - A new twist on a old classic!

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    Default SMK Mirror Mode - A new twist on a old classic!

    Super Mario Kart Mirror Mode is a high quality collaborative hack by the SMKWorkshop team that brings new life into the original classic. First introduced as an unlockable class in Mario Kart 64 a mirror mode has been included in every iteration of Mario Kart since Double Dash!! The original Super Mario Kart never featured an official mirror mode.
    After playing another mirror mode hack that was fun, but not without issues R4M0N set out to create a mathematically perfect mirrored set of tracks programmatically using Excel marcos. Dirtbag inserted the track data back into the ROM, created a new title screen and with the help of MrL314 re-coded the demos to work correctly and added some ASM hacks to give the hack a few extra mirrored features.
    Play this new twist on a old classic featuring the following changes:

    • All 24 track layouts perfectly mirrored
    • All track overlays mirrored (GP, TT and Vs. Modes)
    • Object placements Mirrored, including Ghost Valley’s pillars
    • CPU AI Mirrored
    • Mirrored animated tiles (Water, Lava, etc.)
    • Mirrored track background layouts
    • Mirrored title screen animation routine
    • Mirrored demo input recordings
    • Mirrored player select screen
    • Mirrored race results screen background and animations
    • Mirrored cup select screen animations
    • Mirrored podium background, and cloud direction
    • Additional mirrored track tiles where required

    ROM size has been kept to 512KB - One of the aims of this hack was to do in in an elegant way as possible and keep within the confine of the original ROM size
    Bug reports and any feedback can be posted here:

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