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Thread: Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.16 Now available!

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    Default Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.16 Now available!

    Star Fox Exploration Showcase has been in a constant state of development, and now, the wait for the next version is over!
    2 Player mode has gone through a lot of revision and modification, and is finally at a point where the full game is playable and fully enjoyable from beginning to end!
    Start 2 player mode from the title screen by pressing START2 on the second player’s controller.

    • Each player has lives, bombs, life meters, etc.

    • If all lives are gone, and the player dies, and the other player finishes the level, the player with no lives gets one more chance in the next level!

    If you’ve never played this mod before, it is very important to read the readme file to see the dozens of changes and features this showcase has to offer!
    Work will continue to smooth out the rougher things in due time.
    Full changelog: 7.16

    • Improved on 2 player mode
    • Start 2 player mode with START2 on title screen
    • God mode codes apply to second player
    • Second player has their own bomb count
    • Second player firing delay works like player 1 dependant on the weapon
    • Second player has much smoother ship movements
    • Second player can now angle up/down/left/right and fire past the boundaries
    • Removed limitation of movement when in 2 player mode
    • Added third auto zoom level for going farther across the screen
    • Life bar has been added for second player
    • Collision for 2P is now like 1P where you have 7 frames of no collision after damage
    • Fixed shadows and floor appearing in space levels
    • Slight push off of walls/ceiling/space floors when button is let go to remove arrows
    • Player 2 continues the battle when player 1 dies
    • Players have independant wire ship lifespans
    • Player 2’s bomb count goes down in reverse order
    • Multiple other improvements

    • Life bars have increased to reflect the new increased health.
    • Teammates were not unloading under certain conditions and could loop around the level. Fixed.
    • Fixed course 4 level score %, will now give 100% upon completion of each level.

    Please visit the discord to report any issues! Looking for interested testers as well.

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    It's great to see the new update in this wonderful game. A big number of people love to play this game as a hobby after visiting this website to complete their homework. I have also realized that it provides a lot of fun particularly while playing with others.

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