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    Currently classified as an opioid under the FDA. Just in case you haven't heard yet. So I guess it doesn't mean anything anymore.

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    for those of you chugging kratom, I found that mixing with about 1/4 to 1/3 oz of vodka(sort of Robitussin) as a surfactant made the mixing ten times faster. I also mixed with half a teaspoon of turmeric ( for inflammation)which seemed to bind with the kratom and make it a little less of a mouth full.
    I also on occasion will add a syrup (we have european markets that sell berry syrup) to make a slight improvement to the taste. I know most folks love the flavor of kratom but....

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    In my opinion, Kratom is a very good pain reliever that can nullify almost any depression. Personally, it helped me a couple of times, when there was a crisis in my life, I used him, and he helped very well. Thanks to this device for the relief of prostate and depression. At first I thought that nothing would help me with depression, but a friend advised me to try this substance and he really could help me. Literally in a day, I already felt more confident and without unnecessary pain. Thanks to a friend who advised me to try kratom extract .

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