It was the most talked about new game of the week, if you can call a leaked, unfinished 2008 remake of a 1997 N64 game 'new'.GoldenEye, one of the last potential untapped goldmines of 1990s nostalgia, was remastered for Xbox 360 way back in the late '00s. But it got stuck in a licensing quagmire that left it abandoned on company laptops, only for it to somehow make its way onto the internet two weeks ago.If you believe the reports, Nintendo was reluctant and EON was never a fan of the game. Only last week, IO Interactive -- the new licence holder of the James Bond IP -- quoted Bond boss Barbara Broccoli disliking the old game tie-ins for being "violence for violence's sake." You know, unlike the films.Regardless, for gamers desperate to play it, it's out there now. And for those who prefer an official release, well, we can hold on to the feint hope that all the delays to the new Bond movie will encourage the powers that be to take the easy money and give the fans what they want.I say easy money, because the word on social media is that it is a good remaster, and we know how lucrative nostalgia can be. Earlier this month, Nintendo revealed that in just over three months its recent collection of 3D Mario games had surpassed 8.32 million shipments worldwide. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a pretty basic port job, with little added to the game outside of some soundtrack options. Nevertheless, Nintendo felt comfortable slapping a $60 price tag on it and watched it become the second biggest new Switch game of that year.