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Thread: Amazon delays New World again

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    Default Amazon delays New World again

    Amazon has delayed the launch of its MMORPG New World again, pushing it back to August 31.
    In a blog post, the developer says the team has been working on various additions including compelling end-game features, and the delay is to ensure those features and fine-tuning can make the launch date.
    New World was originally set to launch last August, before the team delayed that to spring 2021 to add more to the middle and end-game experience for players.

    Amazon delays New World again |

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    I've played over 40 hours at last "beta weekend" and i can say that Amazon wasted this time delays. They introduced a lot of fixes and now the game looks much better. leveling up to 60 has become more difficult and will take about 2 weeks, I will happily play this game, but I should have to buy Power leveling . I bought WoW boost here earlier, so i can trust this service.

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    After 75+ hours spent since launch, I really enjoy the game. The new world is exactly that, and it's a new world for us MMORPG players. This game contains familiar content that can be seen from other games, but choose to activate the important ones from other familiar games to create a better player experience. ..This game has a very unique perspective on PvE fighting. It's a big hit using the mouse instead of the usual click keyboard spells. New World also focuses on PvP and crafting. This will definitely continue to be more involved in how you increase your statistics among your characters. I also need more new world gold to boost my character in the game.

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