A new report suggests supply constraints have prevented the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles from significantly outselling their forebears.
Data from Ampere Analysis suggests that Xbox Series X|S has sold 2.8 million units since launching in November -- lagging a little behind the Xbox One during the same post-launch timeframe at 2.9 million units.
Meanwhile, PS5 has matched the performance of PS4, which shifted 4.2 million units in its first few months after launching in November 2013.
It's also worth noting the PS4 achieved this without its home market of Japan, where it did not launch until Q1 2014. PS5, meanwhile, launched simultaneously worldwide.
Last week, Sony's financials reported PS5 has sold 4.5 million units -- confirming it as the most successful PlayStation, and by extension the most successful home console, of all time.
However, Sony's figures usually represent sales to retail or shipments, while Ampere claims its data focuses on sell-through -- sales directly to consumers.
The pandemic is undeniably a factor here, with both platform holders suffering constraints and likely to face fierce competition for key components throughout 2021.
Ampere believes PS5 would likely have sold more than five million units thus far had availability been less of an issue.

Ampere: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sales in line with, not ahead of, previous gen | GamesIndustry.biz