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    Default Forex broker suggestions

    hey, I would like to start forex trading to make extra money ($50 per week will be enough for the start I guess)

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    I would like to try it myself, but there is a big risk✅

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    the most important thing is to understand this topic and you will definitely not lose any money

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    Forex brokers are tricky, and when you are starting to trade forex you don't really know which one to choose. That was the case with me, there were so many of them, and back then I didn't know the difference between the good and bad ones. By pure luck I have chosen a good forex broker that I am working with since the beginning. Not everyone one is that lucky, there are countless stories about the forex broker scams, and that was the thing I was afraid of the most. Now I don't even worry about stuff like that, I know that I can trust them 100%, and that trust is the reason for the good trades I've made.

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