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Thread: Caries is contagious-truth or fiction?

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    Default Caries is contagious-truth or fiction?

    What myths do you know about teeth and dentists?

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    Maybe I was lucky, but in my entire life I was at the dentist only once.

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    Are you talking about the tooth fairy?

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    Caries is really contagious. The bacteria that lead to tooth decay can be transmitted from mouth to mouth. You can give a person a bite of an apple after you or give a sip of the water you just drank and your bacteria can get into someone else's mouth. My brother got tooth decay from his girlfriend. They were just kissing! He was quickly able to prevent this so this dentist from said that this was the earliest stage and that it was really possible to get caries from a kiss. It's even more likely than getting infected from a single bottle. Be more careful

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    Tooth decay is a destructive process of a dystrophic or infectious nature that occurs in the bone or periosteum and ends in the complete or partial destruction of the tooth. Dental caries is the most common disease in the adult population. The basic principle of dental caries treatment is to remove the diseased tissue and restore the tooth with a filling material. If you have symptoms of tooth decay, you should see your dentist. I have always had problems with my teeth, so I found my favorite clinic. I get my teeth treated by the guys at We all know that dental treatment is an expensive procedure, but I save a lot of money than treating my teeth at other clinics.

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