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Thread: Do you play to relax?

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    Default Do you play to relax?

    I wonder what games you like to relax in? Can you recommend something interesting for your smartphone or computer? Recently, I like online games, gambling, for example, online casinos, online gambling, and others. But I think it does not suit everyone. So I would like to know your opinion.

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    Some slots can be interesting to play.

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    I don't really like playing online games, but online poker is amazing.

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    I like online poker too. It's not as fun as playing with your friends irl, but still an amazing occupation during the covid era. I personally like to produce long-run strategies and see if they're working. Surprisingly, most of my strategies have worked perfectly and I won some big pots. But poker is not the only game I usually play. I usually visit online casinos to play slot malaysia because of the bonuses they give. And in general, the chances of winning at slots are pretty high. So if you're a newbie in gambling, I'd advise you to try slots.

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