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Thread: How to get rid of a piano?

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    Default How to get rid of a piano?

    I tried several national and local donate your piano sites, and they did not interest me. 1-800-got-junk does not work in my area. There are local movers who will move the piano, but I have nowhere to move it. I am hesitant to use craigslist because of the issues I have heard about giving away free stuff, and the fact that it is a difficult step. I will try a local habitat for humanity next week, but my hopes are low. I can try a city for mass waste disposal. It is going to cost $ 100, and it is going to be very hard to pull it to the curb if they can even handle something that heavy. I thought about taking it apart, but it looks very time-consuming and will end up in a landfill. Does anyone have any success with this or have any other ideas?

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    Getting rid of a piano? Man, you should keep it at home and be excited about it.

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    Where do u live? Can I have a phone number please? I'd like to have a piano!

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    I guess your piano is really huge. Not every mover company can provide such services because you need many people to move the huge piano from one place to the other. But there are a couple of Reddit forums that are dedicated to collecting old furniture, musical instruments, or any other old things which maybe still useful. You can easily contact them and they will probably take it. Another way is to contact guys from vpsmart at who can also help you in this case. I used their services a few months ago when I had to move to another area.

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