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    It is too hot here today. Janet says it was 28 degrees outside, and that I was better off because - as always - the blinds on my bedroom windows are closed, and all the windows are also closed. Janet suggests that this keeps the heat out. There are no blinds in the bathroom window, so this window, which is also closed, could probably be a greenhouse. I have a very large window on the landing facing west, and the curtains are drawn. Maybe the best thing to do now is to open all the windows for the night and let everything cool down as much as possible, even try to get a little breeze.
    I am waiting for your advice.

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    I think opening all the windows is a bad idea.

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    Why so? I am always sleeping with open windows and everything is ok with me.

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    Do you guys have an air conditioner in your house? I very rarely sleep with open windows even if it's hot inside. An air conditioner is a nice tool to control such things and you don't have to worry about the weather. But once I had a very unfortunate situation with my A/C...I mean, I accidentally broke it. I wanted to clean the duct system out of dirt and smth happened with the whole system. I had to find A/C repair specialists and eventually found company that provides aircon repairing services. My fail wasn't that huge and they repaired everything in an hour.

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