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    7 years ago, I was playing LoL and wanted to play now, but I forgot my password and cannot restore it. Where can I buy a level 30 account?

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    LoL has changed a lot. You will learn to play almost from zero

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    Ohh, I had this problem too. I couldn't get full pleasure playing League of Legends. I play in LoL quite a lot, but I had 3 years pause. I've had a tough period in my life, so I wasn't thinking about games. By the way, I tried to buy lol account, because it's much better than boosting it by yourself. Now I can play to the full successfully. One of my favorite online games since I'm more into offline games. My favorite genre is rpg with open world. However, LoL isn't perfect, but I'm totally satisfied with it. I hope it helped

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