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Thread: Thoughts on a London resort

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    Default Thoughts on a London resort

    In case you missed it, the company behind the London resort has just submitted plans to the UK government to get approval to start building a new mega-park in Kent. This park looks amazing, a mix of six flags-style rides and disney-level themes. I also wanted to ask, what are ski resorts?

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    Will you be able to add more links, images. At the moment, it's something like naked and half-baked.

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    What thoughts can we have? The Government doesn't need our opinion in the first place to build any facility or be the owner of any company not to mention a resort which will be yet another means of making money for the Government. If an individual asked a question like this then it would be understandable, at least then I can tell the person a couple of things: like Determine whether or not your intended location is at a resort benefiting from the big season ticket programs such as Epic or Ikon. Or even tell the person to get a more detailed answer from or by hiring an architect or builder.

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