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    First of all, I am not quite sure where I should post something like this, so I apologize to the threads and madam if that is not the case. Also, if this is not the right place to post, I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. I ordered the DHR6000 from Japan via a proxy service Japan. The order will arrive at me in a couple of days, and I am going to sell it to someone who is interested in buying it. I intend to keep the product in the box as it is brand new, unopened - but I can also open it and provide photos if necessary. Buyers from the UK would be preferable, as that is where I now live. As for the price, due to the cost + shipping + import tax, I would like to estimate this deal at £ 130. We can agree on the nearest offers if you want. Please contact me if you are interested, thank you!
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    Does anyone know where to buy anime style bedding set?

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    I was visiting friends and saw their anime body pillows. I was wondering if there are bedroom sets in this style? I have long wanted to change the design of my bedroom and thought to do it in the style of anime. Therefore, I will need as many accessories with an anime theme as possible. My friends explained that I could find everything about the anime theme for the bedroom here I ordered several sets of sleeping sets and a couple of pillows at once. Now we have to wait for it to be delivered. Friends said that the delivery did not have to wait long. Have any of you ordered anything from them?

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