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Thread: I can't find or keep a job, I could use some advice

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    Default I can't find or keep a job, I could use some advice

    Not sure if I am looking for advice or just want to blow off some steam. If you have any instructions, please do not hesitate. Long story, here is my first post. So I graduated from high school during the previous economic crisis in 09-10, and for quite a long time I could not find a normal job in architecture. I had to do an internship, which after a year or so turned into a junior position, I did a good job, but when it came time to give me a permanent contract, as is required in my country, after a while they didnt want to take the risk. Lets go back to the beginning. I could have taken a low-paying position working on a competition, would have received a normal salary if we won, would have lost my job if we lost. I left there a week later to work as a freelancer on a huge competition, and after winning, I stayed there for a year. The office literally moved, and I couldnt stay. Please tell me what to do and where to find a better job.

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    You will succeed, it's just an unpleasant accident, that's all. The main thing is to go to your dream.

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    Dude, what's the matter ? why can't you keep your job ?

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    I understand. It's hard to find a good job these days. And it's so stressful for you and the ones depending on you. Keep looking. Search in other cities. Try finding a part-time; there are options. When I got fired last time, I took some remote qa tester jobs. It helped me a lot in my career, and I could pay all of my debts. Although it was hard at the beginning, I managed to make some good money. I returned to remote work during the pandemic cause our office closed for more than a half of the year, and the money wasn't enough. Good luck!

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