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    Six weeks ago, I finally covered my dirt floor with concrete. And I thought that everything would get better, but it didnt happen. The gasket was poured over a plastic vapor barrier with a steel reinforcing mesh. There was too much water in the concrete, and it took until 4: 30 in the morning for it to be installed and finished with a power spatula. The temperature was about 50*F. A week later, everything looked normal. I left it alone for five weeks so that it would completely heal and dry out, and I could paint it with epoxy paint. Now Im ready to draw, and Im a lighter color, but with almost black spots. What could it be? Im worried about whether the epoxy will stick properly. I have a problem with rats, and I vacuumed the poop before taking pictures. Ive been through a lot of poisons, but they seem to thrive on it. Is there any chance that it could be from rat urine? If so, what do I need to do before I draw it? Unfortunately, there is no drainage here, so a large amount of water will be difficult to use.

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    It seems that you did everything correctly, maybe there was a lot of sand in the concrete ? I had this, over time, the floor begins to fall apart

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    Hello. Why are you making life so difficult for yourself with this floor covering if you can use the services of professionals and lay a good floor without breathing this poison from the rats yourself? I had the same problem with the rats in my house, and unfortunately, I could not get rid of them on my own without the help of special services for getting rid of insects. After that, I calmly laid the floor, and already I was able to apply the laminate that my wife dreamed of. If you want to finish this renovation, call the rat baiting service and then turn your attention to vinyl laminate flooring, as this is the most optimal way so that these annoying rodents no longer disturb your home. Good luck with solving your problem, and I advise you to act as quickly as possible.

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