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Thread: Quake III Arena and Counter Strike soon coming to the PSVita

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    Default Quake III Arena and Counter Strike soon coming to the PSVita

    Rinnegatamantehas in a week took Quake III’s source code and made the Vita port go from totally unusable (not rendering anything) to seemingly playable!

    Right now, Rinnegatamante has achieved off the following:
    Properly rendered menus
    Game maps that look pretty well rendered with only smaller bugs present
    Good framerate at native resolution, he said that it’s running at around 30FPS. He also tested VitaQuake III at 480×272 (PSP’s native resolution) and said it runs at above 30FPS all of the time
    Bot matches

    Quake III seems to be working pretty well as of right now but work still needs to be done!
    Dynarec support. Dynamic recompilation greatly increases game performance which will ultimately give the user a much better experience.
    Currently, VitaQuake III looks to be in advanced stages and Rinnegamante seems to now be focusing on optimising the game and fixing the remaining issues.

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    Of course, as soon as CS:GO came out on the PlayStation Vita, I immediately tried playing it. Initially, I thought it was really cool that I could play from lying in bed instead of at my workplace. And the idea that my friends and I could get together at each other's place and play while sitting next to each other struck me. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the most enjoyment, because I often use an Aim-Bot in the game. On the PSVita I was not able to set it up. I also wasn't happy with the way my skins bought at . In the end, I decided that no Playstation would replace gaming on my computer.

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    I prefer to play Call of Duty more. This game has a large selection of weapons that need to be unlocked to increase the level and skill. But don't be discouraged. I can help. I advise you to go to the website and buy unlock submachine guns. I am sure you will love it!

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