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Thread: My escort experience

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    Default My escort experience

    On Saturday, I was studying life and saw a beautiful lady with big breasts, the impressions were really great, at first, I was nervous, but then I calmed down, and we settled everything, I would try again since I liked being with older women, it is much better than girls of my age, they know what they are doing.
    Would any of you have seen an escort and what do you think about it?

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    I have never ordered prostitutes, but I always wanted to fulfill my sexual fantasies, who do I contact?

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    Yes, you're right, with a prostitute you can realize your most frank sexual fantasies. I really enjoy when I call them, I'm sure soon you will enjoy it too

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    With a prostitute, you can live out your most candid sexual fantasies. It is often impossible to do this in marriage because of the different views of the spouses on sexual life. It is believed that a man who loves and respects his wife will not have a mistress for this kind of pleasure but will stop at a prostitute. Often, frivolous women act as psychoanalysts. listen to their client's life stories after the sex act, which is also paid for. A man who lacks understanding in his family is ready to reward the stranger for the illusion of intimacy. Incredibly he is flattered when the prostitute pretends that she liked him and depicts a wild orgasm.

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