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    I am watching 14-15 beautiful pine trees being cut down in my yard. I called at least 5 different places, and most of them never called back. Only one of them actually called back and came out to take a look. The quote I got was very high, and he said that he would just throw away the lumber, and not take it to the mill. In any case, does anyone here do this or who has good recommendations?

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    I think they are just inexperienced

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    Can't you do it yourself?

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    I haven't seen him before, but I think you're right, you can definitely see from his face that he is a farmer lol. I used to be also interested in farming, I helped my father. He and I planted enough trees and bushes, and often sold the fruits from them at fairs. But now, unfortunately, I don't have time to come to the farm and work there. It is easier for me to pay money to the Tree Service Antioch CA and I will know that they have done the work and the plants are safe. My father can't take care of the garden as actively as before, so we have to call specialists. But even in old age, my father finds the strength and takes care of the garden, I love my old man!

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