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Thread: Summer Fun Festival in B&W

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    Default Summer Fun Festival in B&W

    Each summer on the Saturday closest to the Summer Solstice the community I live hosts a "Fun in the Midnight Sun" festival at the local rec center. It is a way of bringing our small community (about 4500 people) together around the longest day of the year. Despite the name, it usually goes from noon to 5:30ish, though there is always enough light at midnight. This year I decided to bring the camera and do some shooting.

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    Wow, good luck to you then! I'd like to see pics later.

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    What camara do you have? Is it good enough to make HQ pics?

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    Wow, I really like photography in black and white, but when it comes to festivals, that's a way much more amazing. I think actually, that festivals are extremely important nowadays. Festivals assist us in order to create a stable our connection to our origins, culture, and origin. They liberate us from life's monotony. Festivals encourage us to put aside our differences and embrace one another. And also, if you are interested how such events are organized you should know that event equipment hire is one of the most important thing for a festival.

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