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Thread: Sex appeal with a wider reach?

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    Default Sex appeal with a wider reach?

    I just had an idea about sexual attractiveness: Will the talent of sexual attractiveness use the terminology found in GURPS 4e, that is, instead of working with the opposite sex, say those who are attracted to your gender?

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    Damn, let's talk about the minefield. It's not just about gender; don't forget about bi/omni/polysexual people. Perhaps a better wording would be those who you are potentially attracted to, and rename it to Love or something that does not have a gender connotation.

    Introducing the rules of sexual attractiveness into the text today will cause you much more insults than religion would ever cause.

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    I agree that this should be much more generalized and applied to people who are intrigued by the player. And it doesn't have to be strictly sexual, but it can also function as a charm level. In fact, this is a lower-level version of Charisma that only works with people who are somehow already predisposed to the type of player.
    I would also like to know people's opinion about the escort business.

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