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Thread: The first visitors at the end of August - Recommendations for the route

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    Default The first visitors at the end of August - Recommendations for the route

    Hi! My husband and I will visit New York at the end of August. We are going to see Springsteen on Broadway, and we are planning a weekend trip in honor of my 50th birthday. I plan to fly out of Detroit on Thursday and stay until Monday or Tuesday. I am a little overwhelmed because there is so much to do and see, but here are a few ideas that I had. I am looking for support and help!

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    Be sure to visit the Statue of Liberty.

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    My friends and I are also planning to visit New York. Most likely at the end of this month. We were looking for where to go and found as many as 51 Things to do in NYC. We will also definitely visit Coney Island. If you are interested in just outdoor recreation, then you can enjoy outdoor entertainment at Lincoln Center. This is not the first time we are going to New York and have already been there. There are still a lot of interesting things left and therefore we are going again. I hope you have a good time.

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