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Thread: UV Curing light for Headlight Restoration

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    Default UV Curing light for Headlight Restoration

    I am starting a business doing Headlight Restoration and I have narrowed my search for a quality UV headlight sealant to Solaray 21013 spray. This coat requires a UV light to cure. At 32 dollars for 7 ounces, the stuff is NOT cheap. However, they want to charge $220.00 for the "special UV curing light" from Solaray.

    Seeing as how I have been on CPF for 5 years, I know better than to spend $220.00 on a "special UV curing light". However, I don't know where to find the right supplies for a light of this application for cheap, or what supplies I need to buy.

    Anybody happen to know where I can find these supplies? Thanks!

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    Google it, I think u will find what u need.

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    I wonder why you didn't ask such a question when you haven't started your own business yet? First, it was necessary to first find out how everything works, where you can buy spare parts, parts, and products in general, and then open your own business. In my opinion, you should have looked at different headlamp reviews before you already open your own business selling headlamps. Look at Google. I'm sure you will find suppliers and spare parts that you need. Now it's all easy to find. The Internet is full of helpful information. Good luck in your business, and I hope you find what you were looking for.

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