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    Hi, guys,
    What are the prospects for career growth in the field of marketing research? I am thinking about starting a career in such firms as Nielsen, Millward Brown, etc.
    What are the salary ranges, chances of promotion, allowances, etc.?
    Does this lead to the possibility of switching to the FMCG client side?

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    Yes, most will switch to the client side within a few years. Very few stay for a long time.

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    Marketing is a very complicated thing that takes a lot of time to get into and work hard. Especially today, when marketing has expanded thanks to the Internet. And that's where you have to sell your product, creating your websites. A good friend has worked in this field for a long time, and he enlightened me a bit about how it all works. Lots of professionals work to make sure your product sells successfully. There are entire companies that do online search engine optimization. If you are an entrepreneur and want your product to sell well, you should use the services of professionals. Then you are sure to be happy with the result.

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