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    I bought 12 acres of land, and I need to buy a tractor. It will mainly be used for grinding. Would I prefer not to spend more than 6 thousand dollars to limit my capabilities to old models? I even considered an old Ford 8N. Any recommendations on the brand, size, age, gas or diesel fuel, etc. will be highly appreciated. I dont know much about tractors.

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    John Deere is good as long as you stay away from the "e"class models. These are just Korean-made plastic tractors with aluminum rear axles. They are probably ideal for 3-6 acre plots.

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    My grandpa needed a tractor for his farm, and he asked me to help him with it. I started looking online for good options and suggestions. At first, I looked for used ones, even went to see a couple. Didn't like them at all. My grandpa would have been happy with an older tractor because it was better than new to him. Still, we agreed with him to look at something fresh and reliable. That's where I found a company called zetor tractors. It makes all kinds of farm equipment, from plow fasteners to combines to tractors. We went to see their product, and my grandpa fell in love with a model called Major. He wouldn't get out of the cab. We ended up taking that particular one. So far, my grandpa is pleased, so I can safely recommend it.

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