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Thread: Low coolant level

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    Default Low coolant level

    This morning I had a low coolant level, I checked both tanks and they are both at the minimum level. The car has a little more than 4 thousand miles, so ... naturally, this does not make sense. Yesterday I drove about 120 miles on the road, and this morning, when I started, there was a warning.

    Has anyone else had problems with the coolant level?

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    Dude, don't move, if your car has a low coolant level, you'd better call a tow truck

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    Maybe your coolant has leaked ?

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    Any coolant leaks necessarily require immediate intervention because even a minor violation of engine thermal conditions, especially in modern "hot" gasoline engines, can lead to severe problems, such as "lagging" of piston rings, violation of the geometry of the fitting planes of the engine heads, the occurrence of scuffing on the walls of the cylinders. Any of these problems will require expensive repairs, and in some cases, a complete engine replacement. I was able to eliminate this problem after getting acquainted with I hope everything works out for you. Good luck

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