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Thread: Is PSD to HTML/CSS conversion considered "coding"?

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    Default Is PSD to HTML/CSS conversion considered "coding"?

    I recently entered into a couple of months contract with a startup for web frontend development. At the time of hiring, I was told that they have a designer for the UI design and that I would only be required to code a "bad looking" website. All the "web designers" I have worked with in the past have provided HTML/CSS wireframes that I add JS code to. However, a week into this job, the UI designer has sent me only the PSD "design" without HTML/CSS and expects me to convert them to HTML/CSS.
    While I can tweak CSS to modify an existing design, my skills are not good enough to implement a website from just the PSDs. So my question is that is it a reasonable expectation from a web developer to also know how to implement PSD designs in HTML/CSS? If not, how do I make them understand that?

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    If it is written in the contract, then I think that they should do it. Startup support is very important at all stages. I realized this when I started my own business. If it weren&#39;t for <a href="">call center security</a> I don&#39;t know how things would have gone on in our company. Thanks to the support of experts, we quickly set up work and our performance increased.</p>
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    In fact, I fully comprehend the need of the previous person. Currently, there are quite a lot of companies that deal with this issue, but not every one of them is suitable. I also needed solutions to such a question, and one day I decided to search for a resource that was suitable for me. Accordingly, I want to mention these custom software development services which gave me the opportunity to develop software that preserved and transferred the knowledge base for each of my projects. Every person who wants to create something qualitatively should understand these issues.

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